Our Story

Incorporated in 2011, Bricks & Clicks has been striving to help traditional retail businesses to be constantly up to date in a fast changing market. Due to the rapid growth in the digital economy, there is significant demand in services that specializes in digital marketing. Over the years, traditional retail businesses were not the only ones struggling with a drowning presence in a digital world. As it is the nature of this business to keep up with the times, Bricks & Clicks has been extending their services to a variety of industries.

Our Culture & Values

Values determine

who we are

  • Integrity, honesty & values are not optional to us 
  • Getting the fundamentals right is important to us even if it means we have to spend a lot of time realizing it
  • Good is the enemy of great. We desire to do a great and not good job for others
  • We enjoy what we do & want to help brands to create success stories
  • We are adaptable to change
  • Challenge Inclined, if something’s too easy, we’re not doing it right. We seek to outdo ourselves all the time
Why Bricks & clicks?

Our business ethics are highly grounded to our values. We take great care into what we do & it is in our best interest to provide the best results for our clients. Our team consists of certified practitioners & our work speaks for itself – a majority of our clients have been with us for years! We built our own campaign monitoring dashboard to ensure every campaign is on track for greatness.

To stay true to our work, we do not impose a “lock-in” period with anyone. We want our clients be able to make a decision based on our performance.

What Makes Us Different?

Driven by performance, we make sense of data and maximise results for our clients.  We utilise our proprietary monitoring dashboard, Bricks & Clicks Metrics to assist in our campaign tracking to ensure we achieve the client’s respective Key Performance Indicator (KPI).

We let the results speak for itself, more than 50% of our clients have been with us for years.

Accreditations / Certifications