The ongoing pandemic has caused a significant shift in consumer behavior. One of the challenges faced by V-Soy was remaining relevant and engaged to the customers amidst the new norm. V-Soy’s long term plan is not only to engage with their customers but to build a self-sustaining community that shares a common interest or pursuit (of living a quality life). The challenge is how can they effectively do so in this new norm?


We leveraged our understanding of V-Soy’s brand requirements/needs, market & consumer insights to come up with “V-Soy Fit Tribe Video Series” – a series of online video series by influencers and content creators from different backgrounds with different personalities and expertise. The main idea is to educate and inspire the audience to live a healthy lifestyle. 


Each creator creates 2 videos: 1 workout video and 1 recipe video that help them stay fit and healthy despite their busy schedules. By the end of each video, the creators invite the audience to try their workout and recipes at home. There is also a small giveaway in each episode where people can win V-Soy Gift Sets and cash vouchers when they try the workout/recipes or answer a simple question.


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