The SEM landscape, particularly for insurance, is highly competitive and the average cost of paid search ads has always been on the rise. Our team was given a challenge to outdo Zurich’s past year’s SEM achievements. We were expected to manage, optimize & monitor several hundred unique keywords associated to with Zurich’s insurance services.


We employed a “broad-to-narrow” strategy where we started off the campaign with a huge list of English & Malay language keywords as we gradually narrowed down the list to focus on high performing keywords in the later stage of the campaign. The narrowing down process did not only involve trimming down non-performing keywords but also the use of negative keywords to minimize incurring costs from irrelevant searches.


We structured our campaigns and ad groups resembling a priority decision tree. This enabled us to manage our budget & bidding effectively & according to the clients’ keyword tactic priorities.


increase in website traffic
increase in CTR
average impression share

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