How Does The Apple iOS14 Policy Requirements Affect Your Digital Marketing Efforts?


We understand how much your business relies on social media marketing to secure new customers, drive leads and make sales. So, we would like to keep you updated about the upcoming changes to Apple’s iOS 14 policy that may significantly affect your digital marketing efforts.

Apple’s new iOS14 policy will require all apps in the App Store to show a prompt to users in accordance with Apple’s AppTrackingTransparency framework. Ultimately, it will limit the tracking ability of app publishers like Facebook, Instagram, Google & TikTok.


So, how does Apple iOS14 policy requirements affect your digital marketing efforts? Here is a list of potential implications that we at Bricks & Clicks came up with, without sounding overly technical:


Reduction in leads and sales

As lesser data will be available, paid campaign performance may experience a dip due to the inability to optimize for the best results.

Less accurate reporting

Monthly reports may show a significant increase in average cost per acquisition, decline in conversions or even traffic/clicks from most paid channels in the coming months. This however, may not reflect a true decline in the effectiveness of your paid ads.

Potential hike in online advertising cost

The policy may prompt free service app providers like Facebook & Google to transition to a subscription-based service. By imposing a fee, audience size – and an advertiser’s potential reach – may shrink significantly. If this happens, but the number of advertisers remains the same, competition and cost of advertising will rise.

What's Next?

Is there anything you can or need to do as a response to these changes?


Collect data

Increase your focus on data collection and customer relationship management. Sales data extracted via loyalty programs can still be used to determine paid ad effectiveness. However, if you are not currently capturing customer data at your offline/online point of sale, it’s best to start now.

Technical expertise

While we’ll be completing most tasks related to configuring your website and app tracking as well as domain verification, some tasks may require your web and/or app developer to complete.

Start prioritizing conversion events

If you have more than 8 web conversion events (eg. purchase, add to cart, view a product page, sign up) that you're currently tracking, you will need to start prioritizing the 8 that is most important & relevant to your business as Facebook's Aggregated Event Measurement limits domains to eight conversion events that can be used for campaign optimization.

Review media plan

Be open to include Apple Ads in your future media plan if it becomes an ideal solution to reach Apple users.